At Dr. Kurt's Place, we have helped many with a variety of conditions but what we're best at, what we enjoy the most, and what we've had the best track record with is helping you get more energy to serve, lead, and dominate.


We're not diagnosing or treating your disease, we are working to upgrade your overall health and well being.

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'Doctors should be telling their patients, "I'm going to normalize your TSH, but you're going to be at a higher risk for gaining weight, experiencing depression and fatigue. It is also more likely that your cholesterol will go up." That's what we should be telling patients, based on our study.' - The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2016


Friends don't let friends chase TSH.


It's not uncommon for people to come to the clinic experiencing fatigue but also suspecting a hormone issue at the root.  They are usually right.  But the hormone at the root is more likely THIS, not estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.


Many falsely hold onto the notion that when the stress is gone, they will feel better. The reality is that you will probably feel worse. Here's why.


Book a complimentary discovery call to see if we're a good fit to work together.   

25+ Years DEEPLY Entrenched in Western Medicine - Fed Up.


❌ Anxiety

❌ Unable to multi-task

❌ Tremors

❌ Palpitations

❌ Chest Pounding

❌ Memory Issues

❌ Labs, EKG - 'Looks Great'




✅ Feels Like Myself Again

✅ No Longer On Edge

✅ No More Shakes

✅ System Was Calming Down


Under Dr. Kurt's care, this is a partnership. You are in charge. He's just the guide.


❌ Bipolar

❌ Gut Issues

❌ Fatigue

❌. Headaches




✅ Lost 27 lbs not trying

✅ Clear Headed

✅ Living Life as I want


Dr. Kurt was the 6th Doctor in Less Than a Year


❌ Hashimoto's

❌ Fatigue

❌ NO SLEEP despite being exhausted ❌ Night Sweats

❌ Weight Gain


⬇️ 4 1/2 months later


✅ Sleeping Deeply

✅ Lost 16 lbs

✅ Can exercise without feeling like wanting to die

✅ Less Medication




Stop trying to squash fatigue with stimulants

    Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired


    ❌ Zero Energy

    ❌ Gaining Weight Despite Eating Healthy

    ❌ Constant Belly Bloat

    ❌ Joint Pain - Especially Knees

    ❌ Chronic Constipation

    ❌ Memory Issues




    ✅ Feeling Normal, Healthy, and Balanced.


    My Labs Looked Great But I was Big Time Struggling


    ❌ Losing Sleep

    ❌ Stomach Cramps

    ❌ Chronic Fatigue

    ❌ Brain Fog

    ❌ Random Food Sensitivities

    ❌ Losing Weight (NOT Wanted)

    ❌ Getting Depressed

    ❌ Labs Looked Fantastic




    ✅ Back to Life

    ✅ All Day Energy

    ✅ Clear Headed

    ✅ Mood Great

    ✅ Gaining Muscle


    Dr. Kurt Is NOT Your Typical Chiropractor


    ❌ Pain

    ❌ Fatigue

    ❌ Slower Recovery after 3 Kids




    ✅ Mountain Racing

    ✅ Leading Her Family in Health

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    We want you to get to a point you no longer need us.


      Discovery is about getting to the root of your fatigue.  We could line up 10 people with fatigue and all 10 developed it differently.  We focus on testing, mindset, and opportunity.


      Development is about creating and executing an action plan together and equipping you with all the tools, techniques, and technology to get the desired results but also to maintain them.


      Dominating is all about taking your extra developed energy and getting back to pursuing your life purposes and passions. 


    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    • Q: Do You Treat "_______" Condition?

      A: We don't treat a condition, we support the person. The advantage of using root cause healthcare is that you're addressing what caused you to get sick, not just suppressing the symptoms of your sickness.


      For example, I could line up 5 people with fatigue and all 5 had different root causes. One may have childhood trauma. Another may have heavy metal toxicity. Another may have auto-immunity. Another may be nutrient deficient. And another may have a thyroid condition. This is why our intake process is thorough and quite lengthy and why we use functional testing that uncovers many issues that standard blood work misses or isn't designed to analyze.  We want a targeted solution based on objectives. 

    • Q: How Much Do Your Services Cost?

      A: The initial visit is $249. This allows us to do homework on you, get to know you, and decipher if we're a good fit to work together.  We comb through your health history and review any labs/imaging you may have had in the past before we sit down together for that initial visit to create an action plan.


      Next steps are ordering special testing that assesses why you feel crummy.  These could be urine, stool, saliva, and/or blood.  


      Once all information is gathered, personalized recommendations are set in place with the intention of teaching and leading you into developing new life skills so you can ultimately fire your doctor...including us. 


      If we are a good fit and we feel we can help, be prepared to invest $4000 - $6000 on YOU lasting on average 6 months.  The price range takes into account if you are more self motivated or if you need more of a support team around you. Be honest with yourself. 

    • Q: Can My Doctor Order These Tests?

      A: The labs we choose to perform are not diagnostic.  They are intended to create understandings of functional deficiencies, toxicities, and imbalances that will be addressed through lifestyle and nutritional solutions.  


      The traditional labs that your traditional provider orders are great at diagnosing and ruling out immediate danger but they are NOT designed to rule in health. 


      Being 'normal' on paper just means you're not diagnosable.  It doesn't mean you have a clean bill of health.  Your doctor is an expert is disease but that doesn't make him/her an expert in health.


      Using functional testing gives a more complete picture of the issues that need to be addressed.  An incomplete picture yields slower results. 

    • Q: Can I Use My HSA or FSA account?

      A: Absolutely! We think these are the best type of plans on the market as YOU can decide where you want to spend your healthcare dollars and get tax savings on top. 

    • Q: How Do I Get Started?

      A: The best place to start is with a complementary 15 minute discovery call. Our office isn't for everyone, we understand that. You may even think it's expensive but we're looking for you to take that investment and get a return of 10x by being more productive at work, with your family, and following your personal calling and purpose. Use that time to talk with Dr. Kurt and get some initial questions and concerns addressed before using time and resources to 'try' something you aren't comfortable with starting.

    • Q: Do You Take My Insurance?

      A: Sadly this is the one of the first questions people want to know. Why is it sad? Because there are thousands of doctors who accept your insurance but won't help you get better.


      The first question should be, "Can you help me?" And we don't know until we talk about it first. I encourage you to book a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call to see if we can help you before we discuss anything else. 


      The other issue with insurance is that it's diagnosis centered. We strive to be patient centered. Too many times people have entered our office feeling like garbage but told there's nothing that can be done because their labs are within range or there isn't anything on their imaging that is significant.


      They are told to go home and wait until the labs go out of range, then they can be labeled with a diagnosis code and submit to insurance for treatment. Waiting until you're sick enough to get treatment isn't healthcare, that's insanity.


      By going outside of insurance, you're in charge. There isn't a 3rd party dictating what you can and cannot do based on what will or won't be covered. The decision is between you and the provider.


      The other reality is that you're paying more by using insurance.  The average yearly premium for a family is $12,492.  The average family deductible is $8,439.  You're paying almost $21,000 per year to finally be able to use your insurance.  


      And what do you get for that $21k?  You get your diagnoses 'managed.'  You feel fewer symptoms as the underlying reason(s) do not get addressed.  It's like giving you pain killer as the bear eats your arm.  

    • Q: Why Do You Structure Care into Programs?

      A: We do programs because we're in the business of getting results. It's rare for a person to take pieces of our recommendations and be successful with them. The ones that implement the program and stay engaged are the ones who get the desired results.  If you feel you're the exception to the rule, you have the freedom to implement as you see fit.  Just know, results are harder to achieve.


      The biggest complaint we get from clients regarding their traditional doctors is that they have been given no direction nor any help other than 'we're going to manage this.'  The reality is that when a condition is managed, it just manages to get worse. 


      A program is designed exactly to give you a plan and provide the help, resources, and personnel to make sure it's implemented for your success.  Because when you're feeling and functioning great, you're more productive at work, you're able to engage with your kids and spouse more, and you get rid of limits for pursuing passions that have taken the back seat due to poor health. 

    • Q: What Can I Expect for Results?

      A: Results are created based on the level of effort and commitment you're willing to give. Guess who doesn't get results? The people who just do the initial visit or just piecemeal recommendations together.


      Guess who gets great results? The people who immerse themselves into the program. We are just a guide in your process. You're the hero. And with any action film, the hero ALWAYS has to overcome challenges to save the world, get the girl, or score the winning basket. Expect to be challenged, intentionally and organically. Expect some self doubt. Expect some small failures but expect some big wins...when you commit.


      With that said, here are some characteristics of people who get great results: those ready for a change (even though it's scary sometimes), those who have a supportive spouse/partner, are willing to learn, and don't see the cost as an expense but an investment in their greatest asset (their health). 


      We don't seek to impart knowledge. We seek to impart wisdom. What's the difference? Wisdom is knowledge with experience. Our team has had health challenges personally and we have walked with hundreds who face similar challenges as you. The people that get great results have 3 things in common: they are open to instruction, they increase in learning, and they obtain guidance.


    Book a complimentary discovery call to see if we're a good fit to work together.   


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